4+ assessments and multilingual children

Many bilingual and trilingual families get increasingly nervous as the 4+ assessments approach. The prospect of their multilingual child being grilled in English by a native speaker — and the richness of their budding vocabulary being evaluated on the basis of their answer to questions such as what is the colour of your mom’s hair*–is […]

Making Music Exams Work for You

As far back as I can remember, I have always sung. As a child, I sang because I simply couldn’t help it. It nourished me, elated me and grounded me. I sang as others speak, dance, run or write. As a teenager and then an adult, I kept on singing, eventually becoming a professional opera […]

EQ vs IQ – How to nurture a child’s Emotional Intelligence

One of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child is to help them become ‘emotionally articulate,’ i.e. able to recognise, express and manage their own feelings. This is a skill developed over time, as the terrible twos –when tantrums are often caused by a child’s frustration at not being understood or listened to—give […]

Talking Heads: Mrs Cooke of Henrietta Barnett School

Mrs Cooke has been Head of The Henrietta Barnett School, a top-performing grammar school for girls 11-18 in North London, since September 2014.  For the previous 7 years, she was Head of an independent school in Surrey. What attracted you to this position as Head of Henrietta Barnett? I started my career in the state […]

Talking Heads: Mrs Connor-Earl of St Mary’s Hampstead

Mrs Connor-Earl has been the Headmistress of St Mary’s School, an independent Catholic school in Hampstead, since Sept 2016. She was previously Director of Studies and Head of Prep Boarding at Ardingly College Prep School, Sussex. What drew you to St Mary’s School? When I decided I was ready for headship and started looking at […]

Schools – Where to Start?

This article was commissioned to Magus Education  by ParentVille. We republish it with their permission. This is how it goes. You pee on a stick. Small hurrah. You bite your nails for the next 12 weeks before sharing the news. Toast. Sorry, mocktail for you. Flash- forward a few weeks — you have yet to hit […]

4+ : Our tips for the day

Christmas trees, stripped of their shiny ornaments, are shedding their last needles onto the pavements. Night falls fast and early. Fresh Moleskine diaries are bursting with New Year resolutions. That can only mean one thing:  4+ assessments are coming right up. And while three-year olds up and down the country, still mesmerised by their Christmas […]

Talking Heads: King Alfred’s Robert Lobatto

Robert Lobatto has been the Headmaster of King Alfred School, a progressive, child-centred, co-ed school in Golders Green, since Sept. 2015. He spent a large chunk of his career turning around struggling schools in the state sector. Tell us more about your background. I spent 25 years in the state system as a history teacher, […]

Talking Heads: Mrs Cawthorne of Bassett House

Mrs Philippa Cawthorne has been the Headmistress of Bassett House, a non-selective, co-ed prep school in North Kensington, since September 2014. She was previously Headmistress of pre-prep independent school Eaton House the Manor. What do you think sets your school apart from others in the area? We give the children an excellent academic foundation, while […]