Once we decided to move back to London, our biggest and most stressful decision was where to send our daughters to school. Even though we are British, we weren’t knowledgeable about the academic system and there was also some complexity to our choice given the ages of our children.

Alessandra set everything out clearly and, after one meeting, understood our situation and requirements completely. By the time of our second meeting, Karin and Alessandra had already spoken to a number of schools in our area and, incredibly, had identified a school that ticked all the boxes and where they made places materialise for both our daughters.

The whole process was so smooth and stress free that we are still a little in shock!  We cannot thank Alessandra and Karin enough for their counsel and help through it all.

K&P, NYC, June 2024

Once we finally decided to make the trans-Atlantic move and the reality of the logistics involved set in, we panicked. Given we are new to the UK, we had absolutely no idea how the British education was structured and what that ultimately meant for our two children. We were incredibly fortunate to have come upon Magus on a recommendation from a friend, which turned out to be a complete game-changer. 

The team at Magus very thoroughly walked us though all of the nuances in the British system, allowing us to understand what was the direction that was best for us to take after weighing many different potential paths. They were then steadfast in seeking out a manageable number of school options that best fit our children’s (and indeed our family’s) particular needs. They left no stone unturned. 

We are absolutely thrilled to have worked with them on this initial stage in our transition to the UK and very much look forward to work with them as our children’s academic journey moves forward. The team at Magus made what could have been an absolutely dreadful experience into the best part of our move to London. It’s difficult to do team Magus justice in such a brief statement!

Lorena & Vitali, May 2023

 My husband, myself and our four children are relocating from the West Coast of the US to London this July. The team at Magus Education made the upcoming move the best experience we could have ever hoped for when we began this process.  They have gone above and beyond and will always receive a top-notch review to anyone who asks.

When I typed ‘good schools in London’ I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of results.  I reached out to Magus Education and scheduled a meeting.  Aude took her time to explain the British education system, what was going to be easy for us, and what would be difficult.  She then explained how the team would be able to assist.  From that moment we knew investing in the placement package for our children was the right choice.  

 We completed a very thorough profile for each of our children and the team took it from there.  They were able to use their in-depth knowledge to down select from hundreds and hundreds of schools to a manageable number.  Each one was perfectly representative of the type of school we wanted for our family. I had a chance to meet Alessandra and Karin in person when I visited the UK to tour a few schools.  Both ladies were just as lovely in person as they had been during our virtual meetings.  They efficiently organised the itinerary so as to make the best use of my short amount of time.  

 In the end, I feel confident that we have chosen schools that are the ideal fit for our family.  We couldn’t have done it without the entire team at Magus Education.

Olivia, May 2022

Our experience with Magus Education and Karin was exceptional. We attended the Workshop on the British Education System when our son was one. The session helped us to understand there are so many more aspects to choosing the right school than just its reputation or location.

 In a later one-on-one consultation with Karin, she really took time to understand us as a family, our backgrounds, our son’s personality, the type of school environment we would prefer and the senior schools we’d be targeting later. She then mapped out nursery school and primary school options that would fit us. We discussed the schools in detail and left that meeting feeling very sure of our way forward. 

 Fast forward two years and we have just accepted a place at a wonderful school she initially recommended. She found the perfect match for us.

Tasneem, March 2021

We are very grateful to the team at Magus Education for helping us and our daughter through the daunting 11+ process. We had moved from overseas and were not familiar with the British school system.  From wonderful English tutoring with Jennifer that our daughter really enjoyed, to insightful and tactful help with interview preparation with Emma and Aude, and to Alessandra holding our hands through the process, Magus Education was a tremendous asset. 

They helped us refine our school selections, strike the right tone in our applications and shepherded us through every step.  In the end, our daughter received several offers, including, most importantly, a place at our first-choice school.  I would highly recommend Magus Education for anyone looking for the most suitable educational options for their children.

Maria, March 2021

We are delighted with the support we received from Magus Education.  We started researching secondary schools when relocating from the US to the UK and quickly became overwhelmed.  We were far outside of the normal entry process, with no idea how to assess schools from a distance or how to navigate the state school system.  Alessandra helped us understand the system and establish a short list of suitable schools.  She also explained the pros and cons of state schools, faith-based schools, academies and private schools, which was extremely helpful. 

One of our children has special educational needs, and she helped us integrate that in our search strategy and connected us with subject matter experts for specialist advice and support.  I don’t think we would have seriously considered private schools without her advice. 

We found one that seemed like a very good fit for our family, however, and Alessandra coached us through the application, assessment, and interview processes, and both of our daughters were accepted to the school of our choice.  I am very happy with where things stand and feel like everything is falling into place for a smooth and positive transition to this next stage in our family’s life together. 

Tracy, July 2020

We are very happy with the services provided by Alessandra and the Magus Education team. We initially attended the British Education System workshop which gave us an excellent overview. Following the workshop, we had individual consultations with tailored insights into the schooling options matching our family’s profile in different neighbourhoods which were extremely helpful and crucial for us to make an informed decision of the area of London to relocate into. Choosing the right school for your kid is a huge decision and we feel like we are much better equipped now. Thanks for all your support so far. It is highly appreciated!

Giovanna and Stefano, June 2020

We have had several consultations with Karin and her colleagues at Magus Education over the years. These sessions have been immensely valuable in navigating our way through the daunting British education system.

Throughout this journey, from nursery to primary school, I have felt that I had competent professional help at hand, and more importantly, a friendly and caring ear. Karin understood our priorities, values and concerns as parents and tailored advice to our situation, rather than just doling out cookie-cutter advice based on popular “wisdom”. She can help guide parents to look beyond exam results and exit destinations and to make a holistic assessment of what would be the best fit for them and their child.

I would highly recommend Karin and Magus Education to any family seeking help on any aspect of the British Education system.

Kanika, March 2020

Alessandra is a voice of calm and reason in amongst a sea of total confusion within the London education landscape. She is not only extremely knowledgeable about everything regarding education and schools, but also considered and structured in her approach. My husband and I both work full time and we found it very difficult to find the time to really research multiple schools and navigate the system of school applications.

I felt that Alessandra very quickly understood exactly what we wanted in a school for our daughter. We applied to schools requiring the 4+ assessment and Alessandra continued to support us through this process by providing pragmatic advice and guidance when it came to choosing the best school for our child once the offers were released. I cannot thank her enough; she really did deliver true clarity throughout the whole process.

Emma and Will, Feb 2020

When we moved to the UK two years ago, we put our daughter, now 7 years old, in the local state school. We didn’t apply for private school because her English wasn’t perfect, and we didn’t want to put extra stress on her. But recent feedback from her teacher about her progress, convinced us that she would be ready to take assessment tests. 

Choosing and applying to a private school was a very complex process for us. When I came across Karin, it seemed mission impossible to find our daughter a place anywhere as it was March and mostly schools had already completed their applications and exams in January. Her knowledge helped a lot to understand the process and with her guidance we squeezed our applications. She wrote letters of introduction and the magic happened! My daughter received offers from three great schools including her first choice. We couldn’t have made it without Karin.

Burce, March 2019

Alessandra has successfully deployed her analytical skills to the independent school industry, identifying the long-term trends likely to affect children’s education plans. Factors such as children’s aptitude to the vast diversity of academic environments and their families’ priorities, aspirations and background are all taken into consideration. In her holistic approach, Alessandra digs deeper than the surface: she is able to identify the right school for your child, advising parents to choose beyond what is sought-after by the masses. She strives to achieve not only what is popular, but what is right and desirable for your child.