Applying to the most sought-after British schools is a complex, demanding and often daunting process that can stretch over several years. Our unique, highly responsive and individually tailored placement service has been created to guide parents through the various steps.

At the start, our consultant will meet the family at length to discuss their needs, aspirations and the abilities of their child before helping to draw a shortlist of suitable schools.  If required, we can arrange an assessment with a chartered educational psychologist; we can accompany parents on school visits; we can provide a tutor with direct knowledge of the application process at the targeted school(s) to help prepare the child and maximise their chance of success.

The placement package is designed to be highly flexible. We provide comprehensive support throughout the application process, ensuring that important deadlines are met and the expectations of individual schools are understood. This service is available remotely if the family lives abroad.

Please write to to discuss your specific requirements.