International Relocation

International relocations are complex beasts, with many moving parts, often stretching over several months. Still, every parent will tell you the process gets more arduous once children are involved, especially when the relocation triggers the need for school places at unusual entry points or forces a transition from one education system to another.

Every year we help families returning to the UK after a stint abroad as well as international families moving to the UK for the first time. Unlike most relocation agents used by large firms, we are a boutique consultancy specialised in placing children in British schools as well as in schools following an international curriculum.

At the start of our holistic process, we devote a significant amount of time to understanding the motivations for the move as well as defining what would make it a success for all involved. From lifestyle to maximum commute times and curriculum preferences, we will help you to grasp the logistical implications of your choices and guide you towards the best overall match for your family.

Once we agree on the bespoke placement mandate, we will shortlist schools for you, write letters of introduction, advise you on interactions with the schools, accompany you on school visits and keep on top of the registration timeline as well as ensure you submit thorough applications. We usually recommend that clients set aside a few days for school tours as part of their visit (and possibly longer if they are completely new to the area.) Children, especially younger ones, are not required to attend.

While we are not a relocation agency, we do work closely with both immigration solicitors and property specialists (subject to additional costs).

Please write to to discuss your specific requirements.