I live abroad and I am relocating to London in a few months. I need schools for my children and know nothing of the system. How can you help?

All our consultations are available online. We can handle the communication with a range of institutions to help you find a place.

I have been in London for a while but I’m not sure whether I should educate my child in the British or bi-lingual system.

We are very familiar with international education systems and can provide guidance as to which would suit your particular situation.

The school we like is asking for a written statement and our English is not good enough.

We can help you translate your thoughts into English and make sure your letter is immaculate and reflects the priorities of your family.

My child is 3 years old and I have missed all the registration deadlines. I’m panicking.

Don’t. We can help you identify schools that have a different admission window and will know when all the deadlines fall as well as where there is room for manoeuvre. It’s not too late. There is much more movement — even at the top schools– than you might think.

It’s August now and I need a place in September. Is there any hope?

Yes, there are always schools that have last-minute places and we can help you find them.


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