Magus Education Ltd – Terms & Conditions


“Magus Education Ltd” is registered in England and Wales. The company registration number is 10312646.

  1. “Client:” The person or persons who request, arrange and pay for Magus Education’s consultancy and workshop services. This is assumed to be the person who first makes contact with Magus Education.
  2. “Consultant” is any professional introduced to the Client by Magus Education, who will provide professional consultation on any area of education as required by the Client.


Fees, payment and cancellation policy

1.1 Workshops, private consultations and placement services can only be confirmed upon full receipt of payment. Magus Education operates a 24-hour booking window, on notice of interest, for all private workshops and consultations.

1.2 Our services are payable in advance, and once purchased, are non-refundable.

1.3 In the event of a Client being unable to attend a workshop, places may be re-allocated to a third party at the Client’s discretion, with Magus Education being informed of the re-allocation within 24 hours of the workshop taking place.

1.4 Magus Educations’ individual consultancy services cannot be re-allocated to a third party under any circumstances.

1.5 In the unlikely event of Magus Education needing to cancel an event, a full refund, or alternative time and date will be made available to the Client.

1.6 Magus Education reserves the right to re-allocate Consultants for public and private events.

1.7 Corporate workshops must be booked in writing and paid for in full within 14 days of Magus Education issuing an invoice. If the Client fails to make payment in full within 14 days, then Magus Education reserves the right to cancel the booking.

1.8 Corporate workshops, once booked, may only be rescheduled at Magus Education’s discretion and with a minimum of thirty days’ notice in writing. The new date of the workshop shall be determined by the availability of the required Consultants and cannot be imposed by the Client. Corporate workshops, once purchased, are non-refundable.

1.9 The format of a corporate workshop, once agreed, cannot be modified.


2.1 We cannot accept liability for individual students’ results within the educational admissions’ process; ultimate responsibility lies between parents and the establishment in question.

2.2 Our consultancy services reflect our experts’ personal evaluations of the educational system. Recommendations made during the course of our consultancy services are neutral. Magus Education does not accept payment from schools in exchange for recommending them.

2.3 Any information tendered as part of Magus Education’s consultancy services is strictly for advisory purposes. Whilst Magus Education’s consultation services are thoroughly researched at the time of issue, circumstances in the education sector are subject to rapid change.

2.4 It is the responsibility of the Client to disclose any special needs, any physical and mental health issues, past and ongoing, of their children to Magus Education. Magus Education accepts no responsibility for the Client’s failure to disclose this information.

2.5 In the event that no school offer is received or that one is withdrawn, Magus Education shall not be liable nor shall its fees be refunded.

2.6 It is the ultimate responsibility of the Client to ensure that the information they proceed with is current and accurate.

2.7 Magus Education has the copyright to the information provided during workshops or consultations. Such information may not be shared with any third parties or reproduced in any way.

Data protection:

3.1 Client data is gathered, stored and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

3.2 Magus Education may use Client data to tailor our services to Client requirements, process Client payment, and inform clients of new services and events.

3.3 Clients may request that Magus Education stops sending them updated service and events’ information.

3.4 Magus Education will not pass on Client information to any third parties without obtaining prior permission from the Client.

Magus Education retains the right to alter the above terms and conditions.

By using the services of Magus Education, you accept these terms and conditions in full.