For most children, Nursery is the starting point of their official educational journey; from a developmental perspective, it is vital that they set off with confidence. This early experience of learning in a group setting will establish the tone for what your child comes to expect both from school, and more importantly, from themselves.

We help parents understand what makes a good nursery and define what their priorities should be at this early stage. We believe a good nursery should promote a child’s growth in a holistic way, feeding their creativity, language development and innate love of learning while also ensuring the social skills they need to face 4+ assessments and the transition into Reception are firmly in place.

We offer a range of specialist sessions at 3+

Bespoke advice on selecting nurseries that meet the needs of your family while fitting in with your primary school strategy is available in our Nursery-stage consultation (60 min £395, including school list). 

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