Know your child. Understand the system. Choose better.  


We help parents define and implement a successful educational strategy for their child.  Our advice is tailored to the needs, aspirations and circumstances of each family.

Our services include:

  • Placement at the most coveted schools in the UK (day and boarding)
  • Bespoke advice in Consultation at any stage of your search, covering nursery to university
  • Fact-filled Workshops on everything you need to know about the British system
  • International: advice and support finding a new school anywhere in the world

What makes us different?

  • A unique track record of matching children to the best schools for them
  • We cover the state sector as well as bilingual and international schools
  • Independent, innovative advice informed by the latest pedagogical thinking
  • We maintain relationships with the heads of the top schools in the country
  • School advocacy and guidance for parents of atypical children

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