Parental Expectations: Lessons Learnt from Beyoncé

When we talk about ‘privilege’ and ‘entitlement’, the defining feature of such childhood conditions is that the adults in the child’s life, from teachers to parents, believe unquestioningly in their protégé’s capacity to become a glittering success.

Demystifying the Oxford Interview Process

The most useful tip that I was given, when I approached my own Oxford interview (unsure, amongst many other things, of whether or not I should proffer my hand for a shake) is that tutors are looking for students that are teachable.

Talking Heads: Dr Dunn, headmistress of UCS Pre-Prep

Dr Zoe Dunn has been headmistress of UCS Pre-Prep since Sept. 2015. Prior to that, she founded Rimon, a free school in Golders Green, and taught extensively in both the state and independent sectors. What is driving the changes at UCS Pre-Prep? Up to now we have been a co-ed school with a main entry […]