How to set screen time boundaries at home

There is little doubt that we all spend too much time on our phones. A survey last year found that we touch this addictive device around 2,600 times a day on average. This obsession is not healthy for us but is also harmful to our relationships: 41% of respondents to a recent Deloitte study said […]

The 11+ shakedown

It was an unexpected gift a few days before half term: a group of the country’s leading independent girls schools announced they are scrapping their traditional English and Maths 11+ papers in favour of a single “cognitive ability” test and “more creative interviews.” Why? The North London Girls’ Schools’ Consortium, which is made up of […]

How to Foster a Love of Reading at Home

We all know that confident readers make stronger learners in the early years. Later on, reading is one of the best ways for a child to expand their general knowledge and improve their creative writing. But how exactly do you encourage a love of reading in children? It all starts at home. Here are seven tips […]

4+ assessments and multilingual children

Many bilingual and trilingual families get increasingly nervous as the 4+ assessments approach. The prospect of their multilingual child being grilled in English by a native speaker — and the richness of their budding vocabulary being evaluated on the basis of their answer to questions such as what is the colour of your mom’s hair*–is […]

EQ vs IQ – How to nurture a child’s Emotional Intelligence

One of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child is to help them become ‘emotionally articulate,’ i.e. able to recognise, express and manage their own feelings. This is a skill developed over time, as the terrible twos –when tantrums are often caused by a child’s frustration at not being understood or listened to—give […]

Talking Heads: Gary Savage of Alleyn’s Senior School

Dr Gary Savage has been headmaster of Alleyn’s Senior School, an independent co-ed school in Dulwich, since 2010. He previously worked at Westminster and Eton. How would you describe Alleyn’s? Alleyn’s is very much a modern School, built upon a long and proud heritage. We are progressive, yet holistic and balanced; boys and girls; arts […]

Talking Heads: Mrs Cooke of Henrietta Barnett School

Mrs Cooke has been Head of The Henrietta Barnett School, a top-performing grammar school for girls 11-18 in North London, since September 2014.  For the previous 7 years, she was Head of an independent school in Surrey. What attracted you to this position as Head of Henrietta Barnett? I started my career in the state […]

Talking Heads: Andy Hill of EIFA’s Senior School

L’Ecole Internationale Franco-Anglaise (EIFA) is a bilingual, co-ed, independent school in Marylebone. It encompasses a Nursery, Junior School and Senior School across two sites. Andy Hill has been head of the Senior School since Dec. 2016. He previously held a number of posts at international schools in various locations including Milan, the U.S., Paris and […]

Talking Heads: Kensington Wade’s Laura Marani

Kensington Wade is a new, independent English-Chinese bilingual Prep School in Kensington. Its founding Headteacher, Laura Marani, previously headed La Scuola Italiana in Holland Park and traditional British Prep Pembridge Hall. Tell us more about this new school and how it will work. It’s both terribly exciting and a little scary. We will welcome our […]