10 Things to ask when Looking at Daycare Nurserie

10 Things to Ask when Looking at Daycare Nurseries Finding a good daycare nursery makes for a much smoother return to work for parents. While painstakingly visiting nurseries may not be top of everyone’s maternity/paternity bucket list, doing your homework to find a gem where your child will flourish is priceless. You wouldn’t want that […]

How to set screen time boundaries at home

There is little doubt that we all spend too much time on our phones. A survey last year found that we touch this addictive device around 2,600 times a day on average. This obsession is not healthy for us but is also harmful to our relationships: 41% of respondents to a recent Deloitte study said […]

The 11+ shakedown

It was an unexpected gift a few days before half term: a group of the country’s leading independent girls schools announced they are scrapping their traditional English and Maths 11+ papers in favour of a single “cognitive ability” test and “more creative interviews.” Why? The North London Girls’ Schools’ Consortium, which is made up of […]

How to Foster a Love of Reading at Home

We all know that confident readers make stronger learners in the early years. Later on, reading is one of the best ways for a child to expand their general knowledge and improve their creative writing. But how exactly do you encourage a love of reading in children? It all starts at home. Here are seven tips […]

4+ assessments and multilingual children

Many bilingual and trilingual families get increasingly nervous as the 4+ assessments approach. The prospect of their multilingual child being grilled in English by a native speaker — and the richness of their budding vocabulary being evaluated on the basis of their answer to questions such as what is the colour of your mom’s hair*–is […]

EQ vs IQ – How to nurture a child’s Emotional Intelligence

One of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child is to help them become ‘emotionally articulate,’ i.e. able to recognise, express and manage their own feelings. This is a skill developed over time, as the terrible twos –when tantrums are often caused by a child’s frustration at not being understood or listened to—give […]

Talking Heads: Gary Savage of Alleyn’s Senior School

Dr Gary Savage has been headmaster of Alleyn’s Senior School, an independent co-ed school in Dulwich, since 2010. He previously worked at Westminster and Eton. How would you describe Alleyn’s? Alleyn’s is very much a modern School, built upon a long and proud heritage. We are progressive, yet holistic and balanced; boys and girls; arts […]

Talking Heads: Mrs Cooke of Henrietta Barnett School

Mrs Cooke has been Head of The Henrietta Barnett School, a top-performing grammar school for girls 11-18 in North London, since September 2014.  For the previous 7 years, she was Head of an independent school in Surrey. What attracted you to this position as Head of Henrietta Barnett? I started my career in the state […]

Talking Heads: Andy Hill of EIFA’s Senior School

L’Ecole Internationale Franco-Anglaise (EIFA) is a bilingual, co-ed, independent school in Marylebone. It encompasses a Nursery, Junior School and Senior School across two sites. Andy Hill has been head of the Senior School since Dec. 2016. He previously held a number of posts at international schools in various locations including Milan, the U.S., Paris and […]