Emily Ainsworth

With a first-class English degree from Oxford and an MPhil in Anthropology from Cambridge, Emily is a product of the best of the traditional British school system. Emily’s work as an educational consultant is informed by her nuanced understanding of the social and cultural implications of different educational approaches.  Her insights into the British education system have been honed by over a decade of teaching experience from primary to degree level.

Aude Lagorce

A native French speaker and international journalist with a Master’s degree from Columbia University, NY, Aude is a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal. She has written extensively about the challenges of educating children in a foreign country in the 21st century. A skilled presenter on the international conference circuit, she has an incisive and analytical understanding of the complexities of the British education system.

Alessandra Coppola

A native Italian speaker with a degree in economics and business administration from Milan’s Bocconi University, Alessandra worked for over a decade at Standard and Poor’s, managing the 40+ European equity research department. Today she leverages her analytical and strategy skills to help international parents map out a successful path through the maze of educational choices in the U.K.

Karin Thyselius

A former scholar at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Swedish-born Karin went on to have a successful international career as an opera singer. She also has 14 years of teaching experience. In 2009, she established one of London’s premier parenting networks, engaging with the capital’s thriving international community. Over the past seven years she has worked in partnership with many parenting experts, from pediatricians to psychotherapists, to support parents with a keen interest in their children’s development.

Rachel Vecht

Our parenting consultant, Rachel, is a mum of four with over 20 years of experience as a primary school teacher, teacher trainer and parent educator.  In 2001 she founded ‘Educating Matters,’ providing practical parenting support and guidance to thousands of parents in the workplace, schools and private homes.  Key topics she covers include emotion coaching, passing family values, positive discipline, encouraging independence and resolving conflicts. She firmly believes that better, more positive parenting is the key to unlocking learning ability.